Biological Air Cleaning



Biological Air Cleaning

Why room air hygiene? Is clean air important to you?
Since 1995, the EXOVAP-active agent traps pollutant emissions and their generally disagreeable odours in the home, workplace, car, etc. in cage molecules at the point where they arise.

The EXOVAP-active agents including the trapped pollutants are biodegradable (can be broken down by bacteria). Subtle fragrances created exclusively for EXOVAP serve as "decorative elements" and contribute to a positive feeling.


Short-term action with the EXOVAP-Spray (active agents)

for immediate effect, i.e. instantly cleaned room air.
Available in aluminium-spray 30 ml and 200 ml as well as refill 500 ml.
Various fragrances available. 

Long-term action with gel in active evaporators

Biological air purification with long-term action through continuous gel-evaporation with various EXOVAP-active evaporators seen below:.

Gel 125 g      Gel 250 g
for AV-100     for AV-400/RS-700 

Gel is available in various fragrances
for rooms up to 100 m3
Wall installation

 AV-100-ECO      AV-100-LUX

Mains connection
Up to 700 m3
Floor standing


The EXOVAP-active agents are being continuously further developed by EXOVAP LTD.
Production is outsourced to leading Swiss manufacturers operating to GMP and ISO 9001 standards. 

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